Facility Reservations

Scheduling of our facility reservations is coordinated by the church office manager at 717-665-4873.  Reservations cannot be made more than one year in advance and are not automatically renewed each year.  Reservations should be confirmed at least one week prior to the event.  We ask that you only use the area of the church that you have reserved.  If you decide to add an additional area to your reservation (such as the kitchen), please contact the church office to check the availability.  For more information or to check out the facilities, please email eastfairview@eastfairview.com or call 717-665-4873.

NOTE: The costs below are for members only.  Please contact the church office manager for non-member prices.

Review our Facility Use Policy
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Facility Reservation Minimum Donation
(East Fairview Members)


Large Fellowship Hall (gym)

First Four Hours
Over Four Hours
For Lock-Ins
Kitchen (Use of stove and/or oven)$75
First Four Hours
Over Four Hours
Kitchen (Use of microwave, fridge, sink, and snack counter only)$45
First Four Hours
Over Four Hours
First Four Hours
Over Four Hours
Pavilion (Including ball field)

Banquets (Fellowship Hall)$200

Wedding Ceremony Information
(East Fairview Members Only)

Congratulations on your approaching wedding! Contact the church office (717-665-4873) to schedule your wedding and rehearsal. The church’s wedding contact is required for all weddings (including rehearsal) occurring within our facilities. The church office will contact the wedding contact and the wedding contact will get in touch with you. This contact is an important resource that assists with logistical details and use of the church building. Couples have the option – in addition to the church’s wedding contact – to utilize an “outside” wedding consultant. The involvement of this individual, however, does not replace the role of the church’s contact. For more information, or to schedule a time to look at the church facility, please email eastfairview@eastfairview.com or call 717-665-4873.

Wedding Ceremony Information
Minimum Donation
(East Fairview Members Only)


Sanctuary (includes wedding contact and sound tech)$150
Officiating Minister with counseling $175
Officiating Minister (assisting without counseling)$75
Media Technician $75

The sanctuary seats approximately 240 adults. There are 24 full benches and 2 part benches. A reservation minimum donation of $200.00 must be paid to confirm a reservation. Tentative reservations shall be held for two weeks pending receipt. $50.00 will be refunded if the custodial duties are satisfactory. All custodial duties- taking down decorations, turning off lights, putting furniture back in place, and vacuuming (if needed) are the responsibility of the bride and groom’s parents. Failure to satisfactorily complete custodial duties will result in no refund of the $50.00.

Wedding Reception Information
Minimum Donation

(East Fairview Members Only)


Fellowship HallNo charge
KitchenNo charge
CafeNo charge
Paper Table Cloths$3.00 each
Place Settings and Serving Dishes No charge
Tables and ChairsNo Charge
Stage and PartitionNo charge
MicrophoneNo charge


*Please note: Your caterer must be approved by the church office.

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