Who is Jesus?

This is one  of the key questions that everyone has to answer in life.  No matter what you believe, Jesus has had an incredible impact on the history of the world.  People from every country on earth worship him.  Throughout history people have debated the claims and events that surrounded his life and his continued impact.  Millions still claim to have a relationship with him.  Perhaps you are undecided about what to think about Jesus.  We invite you to join us as we explore what it means to follow Jesus as individuals and as a community of faith.  We want you to feel that our community is a safe place to come and see for yourself who Jesus is.


Here is what we believe:

  • Jesus was a real person who was born, lived, and died
  • Jesus was both fully God, and fully man
  • Jesus lived a sinless life
  • Jesus died and rose from the dead
  • Jesus is our way to salvation
  • Jesus ascended into Heaven after his resurrection and time on earth

The accounts of Jesus can be found in the Bible.  His time on earth has been written in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  These are eye witness or eye witness interviewed accounts of Jesus’ life and teachings.


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