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Sermons (14)

A Sign of the Spirit’s Presence

Preached by Other on August 18, 2019 (Sunday Morning).
Acts 10:1-48 (Part of the To Follow in Jesus’ Steps series).

Next Steps – Witness

Preached by Scott Moyer on April 28, 2019 (Sunday Morning).
Acts 1:8 (Part of the General series).

Power With a Purpose

Preached by Rev. David Stauffer on May 27, 2018 (Sunday Morning).
Acts 2:1-21 (Part of the Values That Last series).

Being an Agent of Mercy

Preached by Pastor Jimm Roland on March 25, 2018 (Sunday Morning).
Acts 1:7-8 (Part of the Freely You Have Received…Freely Give series).


Preached by Ryan Dunlevy on February 5, 2017 (Sunday Morning).
Acts 15:1-29 (Part of the Belong Believe Be Ready series).

Church…Like No Other Organization

Preached by Pastor Jimm Roland on January 8, 2017 (Sunday Morning).
Acts 2:42-47 (Part of the General series).

Earning the Right to Be Heard

Preached by Pastor Jimm Roland on February 1, 2015 (Sunday Morning).
Acts 17:16-34 (Part of the More Than Survivors series).


Preached by Ryan Dunlevy on September 21, 2014 (Sunday Morning).
Acts 15:5-20 (Part of the General series).

Always Pray and Not Give Up

Preached by Pastor Jimm Roland on August 24, 2014 (Sunday Morning).
Acts 12:1-25 (Part of the Acts series).

Breaking Down Walls

Preached by Pastor Jimm Roland on August 17, 2014 (Sunday Morning).
Acts 8:1-40 (Part of the Acts series).

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