A Firm Foundation

A Firm Foundation

A recent study indicated that over 20% of adults in the United States experienced a mental health condition in 2022. That’s approximately 50 million people. That number may be even higher since some are ashamed to admit that they’re struggling. For these reasons, some leading thinkers argue that mental health is the greatest crisis of our time.

When your mental health becomes disrupted, you feel like there’s no foundation to your life. Feeling like there’s no foundation to your life makes you more anxious, nervous, and depressed. And so, the vicious cycle repeats itself until you finally break.

Jesus encouraged his disciples to build their lives upon his word, doing what he told them to do, because it would be a foundation to their lives. A firm foundation that will not be shaken through the fiercest storm.

We’re starting a new series called Firm Foundation, and it’s a series about mental health. We’re going to talk about four common things that upset our mental health: Anxiety, Substance Use, Depression, and Stress. Each week, we’re going to focus on a certain person in the bible to relate their experiences to our own. And then we’re going to hear from a clinical expert, taking away some practical tips that we can introduce into our lives. Finally, we’re going tie it all together with certain truths from the bible. Jesus said that he wants us to have an abundant life. An abundant life begins with a relationship!

Do you know someone whose mental health has been upset? Has your mental health been upset? Join us during the next five weeks as we dive into the real issues of our time.