March 31, 2024

Why Does This Matter To Me?

Why Does This Matter To Me?

If I asked you to raise your hand if you’ve heard the story of Easter, I bet your hand would go up. You know that Jesus died on a cross; that he was buried; and that he supposedly rose from the grave. You hear that story once a year every year but each year you leave unchanged. Every morning, I drive my oldest two children to school. The radio is always playing in the background but my son always tunes it out. It’s just noise to him. But as soon as the weather report comes on, he hears it and asks me to turn it up. “Daddy, turn it up,” he says. “I want to hear how warm it will be today.” He lives to wear shorts and sandals and so the weather report matters to him.

Some of you tune out the story of Easter because it’s just noise to you. Telling you the same old story probably won’t change your mind. Your problem is that you can’t answer the question Why does this matter to me? In order to change your mind, you must know why the story of Easter matters to you. By God’s grace, I hope to convince you that the story of Easter matters to you, personally because the cross is not an impersonal symbol, it’s a personal invitation to a new way of life.

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