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SURGE 2014-15

This page will provide you with a run down of the new look Surge ministry and the various ways we have updated and changed the ministry for the 2014-2015 school year.  We are believing this will be a great year for the youth ministry.

1 Group

This year our youth ministry will meet as 1 group.  This group will be for grades 7-12.  Every year we sit down and look back at the past year, look forward to the next year, and evaluate what would work best for our youth.

 We decided to make just one group this year for several reasons:

This year we will have mostly High Schoolers and older Middle School kids.   Since there is not a huge age gap we believe that all will be able to participate and  grow in one unified group.

With one group we will be able to concentrate our time, teachers, and funds on on group with one vision and one set of activities.  This will help produce better quality throughout the ministry and provide a better experience for all involved.

Some of the close friendships involve kids from different grade levels.  Having one group prevents a situation where one is in high school program and another is in middle school.


We have been using this particular set up for the past year on Sunday mornings during Sunday School, and it has worked.  

1 Night


This year our primary meeting time will be on Wednesday nights using the Juice Night schedule.  In the past Surge (high school) have met on Sunday nights with the Jolt (middle school) meeting during Juice night on Wednesdays.

With a new group format we decided that we would create a new program.  We decided that program would meet on Wednesday nights so we could tap into the atmosphere and environment that exists with the various groups meeting during this time.

This format will also provide an easier transition for our incoming freshman and middle schoolers who are already used to our Wednesday schedule.  For more on our Juice Night ministry click here.

Relational Activities

relationalactivitiesOne of our focuses this year will be building relationships.  Building healthy relationships isn’t something that happens accidentally.  It’s done intentionally and purposefully.  With that in mind, we have built in activities designed to tap into things the youth are already involved in to help build new relationships and deepen existing ones.  As John 13:35 states, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”


For this reason we will:

We will try to have our youth group attend sporting events, plays, and other activities that other youth are involved in to help show support and have a great time.

We will host movie and game nights in various locations every month to provide opportunities of the youth to get to know each other better outside of traditional church settings.  Youth will have the opportunity to host these events themselves.  This will also be a great opportunity to invite other friends from outside the church.

By nature, these activities may be more spontaneous that traditional large scale events which are planned out far in advance.  

Other Information

We have a new logo!

To find out more about our new logo and about our vision for the youth ministry click here.


We have 3 exciting large events being planned for this year.  Full details will be available soon!  Stay tuned.

Email Updates

We will be sending out monthly emails with our schedule and topics for the month.  If you haven’t yet started receiving them or just want to be informed, sign up here.