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Youth Vision

Belong.Believe.BeReady is an all encompassing Vision, Mission, and Strategy.  It’s designed as a cycle from Belong to Believe to BeReady and back to the beginning.  It’s how we think about every aspect of youth ministry.  Everything we do must fit into one of these 3 categories.



Belong is the first step in the Surge ministry.  We want to create spaces where every youth, no matter what, feels like they belong in our group.  Not to just feel welcome, but to belong.

The symbol for Belong is two connected dots. It symbolizes connection which is the core of belonging.



Believe is the second step.  We want to create a safe place for youth to explore who God is and provide them with the opportunity to begin a relationship with him.  This step moves someone from just being interested to genuine belief.

The symbol for Believe is a leaf.  The leaf is a symbol of growth.  This stage is all about learning and growing from a knowledge of God to a living faith in him.



BeReady is the third step in the cycle.  Once a youth has a relationship with God, our job is to help them grow in that relationship through training and service.  Youth in turn reach out and help others belong, continuing the cycle.

The symbol for BeReady is a hammer.  Hammers represent work.  BeReady is about working out your faith by action and service.  It’s about doing, not just believing.