At East Fairview, we believe that everyone is or has been Lost. But the good news is that Jesus came seeking the lost! After finding us, Jesus holds out his hand and says something incredible, “Follow Me.” When you make the choice to follow Jesus, you will Learn a new way of life in his kingdom, and you will Grow to become more like him! We think this is really cool, and yet it’s only the beginning. When we live with Jesus, we become a part of a new Community.
And there’s a Connection between everyone in this new community – it’s our love for God and one another… and connected communities Care for one another as we do life together. Now, we want others to know about God’s story which is why we’re Sharing the Story of God’s love and forgiveness. We believe that the best way to do that is by Sharing Your Story of how God’s love and forgiveness has changed your life.

The future of the church is here!

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The future of the Church is coming!

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