Growing With Jesus

Growing With Jesus

In our modern culture, we tend to think about growth in terms of accomplishments… I did this and that, climbed this mountain and swam across that lake, built this business and led that organization. But what if the true measure of growth is different? Instead of asking ourselves what am I accomplishing? – what if a better question is Who am I becoming? Am I supposed to become a certain type of person? And if so, what does that person look like and how do I get there?

Growing With Jesus is the focus of our next sermon series. As followers of Jesus, we’re learning a new way of life in his kingdom, growing to become more like him. I’m excited for this series because we’re going to be digging deeper into some really important stuff. I hope that you’ll join us because we’re going to grow… Together!

September 11:                Growing with Jesus in Love

September 18:                Growing with Jesus in Joy, Peace, Patience

September 25:                Growing with Jesus in Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness

October 2:                         Growing with Jesus in Gentleness and Self-Control

October 9:                         Growing with Jesus in Love