August 6, 2023

Go Enthusiastically!

Go Enthusiastically!

One of the most incredible images in the bible comes from the book of Revelation. Gathered around Jesus is a crowd of people so massive that no one can count it! What’s also special is that this crowd is made up of persons from every tribe, tongue, & nation! Here’s something to think about. Jesus made disciples of a few young fisherman and spent his entire ministry career no more than a few hundred miles from his hometown. How is it possible that a crowd of every tribe, tongue, & nation gather before him in the end? Simple. Jesus instructed us to GO!

Our vision statement here at East Fairview is Living with Jesus Together so others may know Him. That vision is broken down into three parts: Discipleship; Church; and the Great Commission. We’ve talked about Discipleship and Church so far this summer, and now were ready to finish up by talking about the Great Commission!

Jesus instructs his followers to Go! How should we do that? Well, we’re going to talk about three ways that we should Go into the world to share the good news. We should Go Confidently! We can be confident in the gospel message and that God has called us to do this work. We should Go Enthusiastically! And finally, we should Go Determined! Are you willing to do what is necessary to reach people for the gospel message of Jesus Christ?

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